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SBTech’s Ron Zlluf – Using Managed Services to optimise resources and revenues

SBTech has rolled out Managed Services, a complete solution for sports betting and casino operators.

Working with this new suite of services, operators can benefit from the implementation of acquisition strategies, CRM and retention methods, as well as fraud and risk control, multilingual customer support and localised payment methods.

The solution also covers product and content management alongside BI, reporting and analysis, global hosting, DNS management, geo-location and maintenance services.

We spoke to SBTech’s Ron Zlluf to find out more about the development of Managed Services, how it is expected to progress in the coming years, and whether it has been designed as a mainstream industry product, or one that is more geared towards operators with limited resources.

SBC: Why has SBTech put so much emphasis on developing Managed Services?

RZ: In recent years, the online gaming industry has become increasingly complex, due to a range of factors including the continuing spread of regulation throughout Europe, Latin America and beyond.

As a result, the costs involved in running a successful igaming operation have risen dramatically, whether the business is focused on sportsbook, casino or a combination of products. An even more significant investment in resources is now required, along with the ability to source dedicated personnel with industry experience and deep knowledge of local markets.

At SBTech we believe that the professional expertise we have gained in almost two decades of operating and marketing our own platform and products can bring enhanced value to any operator, helping it to reduce costs, grow revenue and attain the highest possible player value.

We have vast experience in successfully launching operations in regulated markets, driven by a global strategy that is proven to deliver exceptional ROI. The next logical step is to use this track record to expand our partners’ businesses by helping them navigate the minefield of regulatory requirements, implement a profitable marketing strategy and achieve optimal retention, turnover and margin.

SBTech’s Managed Services can be particularly beneficial in optimising costs and maximising revenues, considering the severe impact that regulation can have on operational margins.

SBC: Can Managed Services become a mainstream industry product, or is it more geared towards operators with limited resources?

RZ: SBTech’s Managed Services product has enormous potential to become a mainstay of the industry, as it is made up of a comprehensive range of fully customisable services that can have a major impact on any gaming operation. Our golden rule is to understand the operator’s DNA, financial goals and strategic objectives and then adapt the services we provide to its needs.

Ambitious operators looking for expert guidance in deploying their resources to enter new markets and compete directly with world-leading bookmakers can benefit from the entire range of services, with CRM and support options as well as fraud and risk management protocols to complement marketing and acquisition. Our global hosting services, which include DDoS prevention, DNS management, geolocation and maintenance are also extremely advantageous and can be included in the wider package of services.

Medium to large operators, meanwhile, are always looking to improve and increase revenue and SBTech’s Managed Services are designed to do exactly that. These operators are likely to be interested in taking consultancy packages focused on business process optimisation, along with the CRM and marketing options. They can then be combined with reporting and analysis services, whereby a team of dedicated analysts uses SBTech’s industry-leading BI tools to provide detailed intelligence tailored to a company’s specific business needs.

SBC: How has development of Managed Services tested your company and its operations?

RZ: Dealing with new operators in different markets, each with unique approaches, has enabled our team to grow and adapt at breakneck speed – but we have relished the opportunity and I believe it has demonstrated the company’s breadth and depth of talent, even in the short time since we launched this new project.

Managed Services was also developed following bespoke consultancy projects that we carried out for clients, so we knew what adding a whole new vertical to the business would mean in terms of workload, but were also confident we could meet this challenge head on.

As a result, we have already worked on a number of interesting projects which have proven the versatility of our operation, which will undoubtedly stand us in good stead as we continue to build up our client base.

SBC: How do you see Managed Services growing in the coming months and years?

RZ: First, we are taking on a core group of strategic clients who are already committed to utilising the full scope of the Managed Services we offer. We are then planning on using this as an opportunity to build up the list of services, by adding at least one new service with each operator.

The Managed Services package currently includes acquisition and retention services, fraud and risk control, product and content management, BI, reporting and analysis and hosting, geolocation and maintenance services.

It is already a very comprehensive list, amounting to a complete turnkey solution which enables any operator to come to us with a budget, confident that we will be able to provide a full end-to-end service.

Ron Zlluf is Head of Managed Services at SBTech. He has gained vast experience in both B2B and B2C environments since joining SBTech in 2009 and is currently working with the marketing and business development teams to achieve the successful expansion and positioning of the company.

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