High Council of Spanish Sports commits to Integrity monitoring by DGOJ 

Spain’s Consejo Superior del Deporte (CSD) – the high council of sports governance has confirmed that its membership body will track all sporting events using the ‘Alert System’ – operated by DGOJ Spain’s federal gambling regulator.   

The resolution follows a new cooperative agreement formed by the CSD and DGOJ with the aim of preventing and combating fraud across all levels of Spanish sports.

The new arrangement will see all CSD syndicated events and competitions added to the DGOJ’s integrity network, in order for CSD membership to track and trace betting threats and irregularities.  

“The Alert System aims to protect participants in the betting market against fraudulent practices that, by altering the results of a sporting event, end up seriously distorting their participation in the game.” – read a joint statement.

The DGOJ welcomed the CSD agreement as a vital partnership for its integrity unit and its remit in safeguarding Spanish sports against betting threats and criminal activities.  

The CSD is a government agency responsible for the planning,  development and promotion of sports across Spain.

The agency is charged with maintaining the government’s relationship with public bodies and wider organisation’s funding sports development, such as Spain’s Olympic Committee and sports organizations funding sports projects across Spanish provinces.

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