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Social Media heads up BtoBet’s new betting channels

Players will be able to place bets from Twitter or Facebook through Social Media Betting (SM Betting), a stand-out new component of BtoBet’s Neuron 3 platform.

The new feature, said BtoBet, has been developed with the profile of today’s gambler in mind, but particularly the “strong tendencies to make use of social communicative platforms”.

It confirmed that players can search for, or directly place bets from the social media app of their liking – whether this is Twitter, Facebook, Viber or Telegram.

“Not only does the feature provide a very fast way for players to place bets without the need to browse through an endless list of events – either through the web or the operator’s third-party app – it also vastly simplifies the way in which ‘multiples’ type of bets could be placed via a single messaged instruction,” read a BtoBet press release.

Neuron 3, BtoBet’s 3rd generation iGaming single-solution platform, has been designed to provide operators with all the necessary business management tools, APIs, widgets and content.

The platform, which will be officially unveiled at ICE London, will also feature a unified betting experience across a wider, and digitally evolved channel selection, giving operators the ability to adapt betting experiences to the specific needs of their players.

Alongside SM Betting, this enhanced channel selection features improved Desktop Betting, Smartphone Betting, SMS Betting and TV Betting, as well as a revamped Retail Agent including a “rapid registration system to transform anonymous to non-anonymous players”.

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