BetConstruct plans 2020 ‘What-If’ coaching boost through AJNA

Sports coaches will be boosted by What-If game analysis as part of 2020 plans for BetConstruct’s AJNA – a live scouting data solution for the firm’s FeedConstruct division.

AJNA, or Third Eye, was presented at last year’s ICE exhibition (see video above) as an artificial intelligence (AI) powered real-time video analysis tool for live football, helping sports organisations to automatically track both the players and the ball position.

Utilising visual and statistical data provided by AJNA, clubs and federations have since been gathering a huge variety of information without manual live scouting. However, the service can also be a more convenient alternative to wearable devices for sports players both in-game and during the training process.

When asked about the possible impact of What-If metrics, BetConstruct Chief Product Officer Edgar Mkrtchyan explained: “Imagine that you can assess any game episode from the video and objectively suggest few better alternatives – pass to another player, choose a better position or go straight forward. The coach can use these examples and practice them with players, improving their game model and speed of thinking.”

Mkrtchyan also predicted that 2020 will be dominated by AI-powered products such as AJNA, adding that “companies who embrace these technologies will always stay ahead of the competition and those who don’t will be slowly pushed out”.

He continued: “Artificial Intelligence is being added to almost every aspect of our lives and BetConstruct is one of the first to bring it into the industry. Understanding that it is the most effective way to provide better user experience for our operators and their players we have already introduced these technologies in numerous aspects of our business. 

“The first was Umbrella, the risk management tool that identifies player who may be committing fraud by analysing patterns in their behaviour – effectively automating what has until now been painful manual task for most people. 

“The second was AJNA, which enabled us to take standards of data collection and analysis to a new enhanced level by increasing the accuracy of data scouting, the trust and improving the experience and gamification for players. It goes without saying that BetConstruct will continue to apply this technology to other aspects of its business.”

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