Optimove expands real-time dynamics to help betting meet new marketing demands

Pini Yakuel – Optimove

Optimove has expanded its industry-centric capabilities focusing on enhancing operators real-time engagements and customer reporting functions.

The supplier of digital marketing optimisation and customer retention tools has expanded its ‘Marketing Hub provisions specifically for sector stakeholders, who are now required to engage in ‘real-time campaign’ monitoring, decision making and compliance dynamics to meet the sector’s enhanced responsibility and sustainability agenda.

“Realtime marketing empowers gaming operators to immediately respond to player behaviour and events and generate value at the time of greatest impact,” it said.

In addition, Optimove states that its expanded marketing hub will improve betting incumbents’ operational capacities, as realtime reporting functions have been traditionally serviced outside existing CRM structures – adding unneeded layers of operational complexity and limiting operators view on campaign performance.

“Everyone in the gaming industry understands the impact of promoting to their players through timely messages across any marketing channel,” added Pini Yakuel, Optimove CEO and Founder.

“Optimove’s realtime capabilities power such communications with strong segmentation, predictive analytics and smart campaign orchestration, empowering operators to build strong, long-lasting relationships with their players, resulting in increased player lifetime value and improved customer experience.”

Leading Optimove, Yakuel outlines the following new realtime campaign enhancements that betting customers will be able to utilise through the firm’s expanded Marketing Hub:

  • External Events – Activation of cross-channel messages based on external events such as referee decisions, and changes in odds and jackpot status, expanding triggering capabilities beyond the platform itself.
  • Historical and Realtime Combination – Providing a seamless integration of historical, predictive and realtime data which will help customers differentiates the impact of a given result on each player, based on their playing history, allowing to send highly personalized messages and offers.
  • Streams – Optimove states that it has built the only solution that measures the compounded financial impact of a sequence of pre-scheduled and realtime campaigns such as the combination of a welcome web pop-up offer, a scheduled email the day after registration, and a second pop-up based on the response to the email.
  • Events in Sequence – Serving event-based campaigns in response to a series of player results as opposed to a single result, providing CRM managers more targeting and execution possibilities.
  • Ranges – Targeting players based on both defined and open-ended ranges such as balance drops between €10 and €50 or won over €150, empowering marketers with greater campaign flexibility.

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