Fincore: Enriching an operator’s offering through facial recognition technology

UK based software supplier Fincore has unveiled its new innovative facial recognition technology, aiming to increase efficiency and security for betting operators.  

We spoke to Fincore’s Head of Research and Development Nenad Hernjak and B2B Commercial Director Jamie Maskey, who explained how the technology can revolutionise and strengthen the social responsibility for operators on both digital and retail platforms, as well as how it can enhance the multi platform offering for sportsbook and casino platforms.  

SBC: Could you tell us more about the technology and how it can benefit bookmakers?

Fincore: This is the start of what we see as a vital and ongoing process in the rapidly changing industry in which we work. Technology and regulation have moved on and we are looking to meld the two so that problems which operators and customers have experienced over the last few years can be managed more effectively.

This is certainly not a panacea for all of the ills which currently beset the industry but it is certainly a few steps in the right direction towards managing the issues of problem and underage gambling as well as creating ways in which the offerings from the operator can be managed in a more personal way.

Our brand new platform E3 is also part of this picture and along with the Facial Recognition system uses the latest developments in Data Science (AI) to create a more easily managed and personalised offering.

We believe that by working in conjunction with all of the interested parties, operators, regulators and charities we can develop this product into an industry re-aligning tool.

SBC: When it comes to retail betting, how can this latest innovation improve shop security?

Fincore: Our facial recognition technology provides an unrivalled amount of versatility for bookmakers, allowing them to blacklist customers that are a threat or have a criminal history in the shop.

What this means is upon their entry into the store, our cutting edge technology recognises them and sends a message to security who can then put in the process to get the customer removed. The speed and efficiency of this process not only limits damages on a shop in the result of a break in, it also makes the environment far safer with regards to workers potentially working alone.  

SBC: In 2019, operators are seemingly placing a deeper focus on social responsibility, is this something that the technology can progress?

Fincore: Most certainly, specifically when it comes the self-exclusion process, I’m from a retail background myself, so I understand just how outdated the current method of self exclusions is. Utilising facial recognition means operators can self exclude easily by just taking a picture on their phone, additionally,  this means they can be self excluded on all platforms practically instantly.

Furthermore, the technology clears any possibility that self excluded customers can sneak back into the shop and gamble, as they will be recognised almost instantaneously.  

SBC: Can facial recognition technology be used to bridge the gap between an operator’s various platform offerings?

Fincore: One of the key ways in which the technology can evolve the relationship between an operator’s various platforms, is by providing a new enhanced sign in process. It will allow players to sign in to the same account when they are using gaming terminals or on their mobile devices, simply by looking at the screen with a retina scan.

This won’t only help a consumer link their retail account with their online account, but it can also play a major part in eradicating fraud and security breaches, something that is an issue the industry has been desperate to solve for years.

SBC: Are we able to see a demonstration of the technology and your future innovations for 2019?  

Fincore: Yes, we will be at the upcoming ICE conference, stop by our stand, S1-122 where we will be showcasing a wide variety of products and technological innovations. We will happily answer any questions about the growth of facial recognition and how it can significantly increase productivity and security for the majority of companies.

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