UGP app by Sportego achieves 2.2k downloads in 8 days

UGPIn August 2016, the app produced by Sportego for the Ulster Grand Prix (UGP) achieved 2,200 downloads in just eight days.

The app, which is free to download on Android and iOS devices and can be found by searching for ‘MCEUGP’, provides fans with a predictor game, latest news, ticket details, rider statistics and circuit information for the annual MCE Ulster Grand Prix bike week. It was purposefully designed to combine informational and interactive features, allowing fans to easily access the MCE Ulster Grand Prix website, YouTube and the MCE UGP Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Over 700 fans of the World’s Fastest Road Race made predictions on the outcome of the race and with social media integration, in the form of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pop-up within the app, fans were given the ultimate second screen experience.

Robert Graham, Chairman of the Ulster Grand Prix, said: “The app allows fans to learn more about their favourite competitors, the circuit set-up and even gives up to date weather information to ensure that fans can be where they want to be, when they want to be, and can be dressed appropriately for the weather too!

“We have focused heavily this year on improving our digital communications through the implementation of this app and also the creation of an MCE Ulster Grand Prix Snapchat account, because we want our fans to be able to get the most out of bike week and really engage and get involved with us.”

Trevor Keane, Managing Director at Sportego, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Ulster Grand Prix. Being involved in the world’s fastest road race is an extremely proud moment for Sportego and we hope the app allows fans to get even closer to the action.

“Sportego is now working with a wide range of sports organisations and teams across‎ Europe, pushing the boundaries on engaging the digital fan through a range of interactive tools and techniques.”

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