ICE 2016 – Mor Weizer: Playtech growth to be led by omni-channel & deeper intelligence focus


Addressing industry news sources yesterday morning at ICE 2016, Playtech CEO Mor Weizer detailed that omni-channel competencies combined with dynamic data/intelligence gathering would lead his firm’s future growth strategy.

Noting a higher scope for increasing player values and better user retention rates by clients, Weizer stated that Playtech future development and innovation would be led with the aim of  creating ‘best-in-class’ industry omni-channel dynamics.

Playtech will now only develop products, innovations and content that fully service omni-channel functions. Playtech’s leader stated that any future game/product release had to service all user channels on retail, mobile and desktop, otherwise it would not be accepted.

Weizer stated that although the Playtech ONE corporate initiative sounded daunting to undertake, industry stakeholders had to remember that gambling is a customer experience led activity. In order to gain any traction, his clients have to provide “top brands, with top customer services attached to great consumer-centric technology.”

Addressing industry growth, Playtech’s CEO believes that regulated markets still offer industry operators the best opportunity. However, Weizer warned that industry technology suppliers have to be effective to new market conditions, as the sector consolidates and operators are burdened by new regulatory requirements and taxes.

From a technology and operational stand-point, Weizer believes that the industry cannot attach the same post-regulatory processes, standards and values to any of its future processes.

Weizer ended the session stating that all technology suppliers have to be prepared for operators who will be more selective on who they partner with and will likely be less more cautious advertisers, as they seek to draw the best value in saturated markets.

As Playtech’s leader, Weizer said that the sector’s technology winners will be those company’s that can  best service the industry’s changing values.

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