PMU renews fixed odds partnership with Paddy Power

Alain Resplandy-Bernard – PMU

Paddy Power and PMU have announced a renewal of their partnership providing Sportsbetting in France. This partnership was first launched in 2010 and sees Paddy Power B2B provide risk management, event management and fixed odds pricing services to PMU.

The partnership has proved highly successful. PMU accounted for 22% of the total online French Sportsbetting Market last year, with a turnover of over €229m of turnover (15% growth on 2013).

At the launch of its sports betting offer in 2010, PMU chose Paddy Power as the technical partner to help them succeed in this exciting adventure. Five years later, PMU now stands as one of the leaders in a dynamic and growing market.

“When PMU decided to jump into the sports betting adventure, it had no experience in this new business.” PMU Deputy CEO Alain Resplandy-Bernard acknowledges.

“PMU and Paddy Power have worked hand in hand to create an offer which would meet the French punters’ needs and expectations. It has been a success. That’s why we have decided to renew our partnership with Paddy Power for five more years. Thanks to this renewed agreement, PMU knows it can look ahead with confidence and keep on delivering innovative solutions for its punters so that they can live a 100% emotions experience.”

Paddy Power Chief Executive Andy McCue said “We are delighted that PMU have chosen to extend this partnership. Our focus on innovation within sports betting has led us to develop the most accurate and technologically advanced sports betting pricing and risk management service in the industry. Over the last 5 years we have provided the most extensive sports betting product available in France, enabling PMU to launch and rapidly scale their business. This has been reflected in the results achieved and we look forward to the coming years of partnership.”

Cian Murphy, Head of Paddy Power B2B commented “This is a strong validation of the work done by our B2B team with our partners. We have enjoyed working with PMU and are excited about the prospect of continuing our relationship. We will look to build on this as we are seeing a lot of interest from potential new partners, lotteries and bookmakers, both public and private. The increasing pace of national regulation is opening up many markets to regulated operators for the first time (as was the case with PMU in 2010), while the prevalence of grey competitors in these national markets is heightening the need for local operators to have a partner with global scale.”

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