Betclic Everest Optimise With Maxymiser

maxymiser_squareEuropean igaming operator Betclic Everest Group has selected optimisation experts, Maxymiser, to implement an optimisation strategy across its international portfolio of gaming sites.

The company, whose brands encompass sports betting, poker, casino and turf, chose Maxymiser because of its long-standing experience and knowledge of the online gaming sector – as well as its global reputation as market leader in testing, personalisation and cross channel optimisation.

Implementation of the optimisation strategy will initially focus on the Betclic brand, but as the roadmap of campaigns develop, will progressively be rolled out across the portfolio including Everest, Expekt and Monte Carlo Casino.

Prior to partnering with Maxymiser, the company had no previous partner dedicated to mathematically  optimising the online experience, but knew that it had to do more with the huge volume of data it generated. “We wanted to be more professional in terms of the user experience, says Pascal Brouet, Product and Innovation Director, Betclic Everest. “Our sites attract large amounts of traffic and, as a result, we capture lots of different data. Our partnership with Maxymiser means that we are now able to benefit from that data, and use it to ensure all of our decisions are relevant. The ‘mathematical’ data we can derive from multivariate testing and personalisation will enable us to base decisions on real facts, rather than on our educated hunch. That can only improve the user experience and drive acquisition for our business.”

The first campaigns are already underway, and the early results are very encouraging. “For now, we are working on and,” says Pascal. “Our primary focus is the acquisition funnel; we currently have a major campaign seeking to improve the registration page on both the .com and .fr sites. At the same time, we are also running a ‘cross-sell’ campaign on the .com site – exploring ways to encourage users to move between our sports and casino brands.

“The early signs are very good – we’ve already seen indications of a strong conversion uplift. For example, the registration campaign on the .fr site has so far driven an uplift of 10 per cent.”

In the second phase of the roadmap, Betclic expects to extend its capabilities with Maxymiser’s personalisation offering – underlining its belief that the partnership with Maxymiser will be a long-term commitment.  Betclic will work with Maxymiser to target their online messaging; developing campaigns that explore how to encourage registered users to leave a deposit, and also attempting to inspire new users to register for the site. It also aims to deploy optimisation and personalisation campaigns across its mobile websites – once again concentrating on the acquisition funnel.

“We were looking for a partner that had demonstrable experience within our industry; we were extremely impressed by the expertise they could provide,” says Pascal. “Their customer service was a very enlightening part of their proposal – and they have been true to their word. The care and support we have had for all the projects – across all of the different phases – has allowed us to outline a very specific point of progress within our acquisition funnel. We have a large team here, and we wanted a lot of exchange – Maxymiser has certainly delivered.”

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