PIMS-SCA Presents New Software for Digital Development

pimsPIMS-SCA is excited to introduce its unique Prize Software Development Kit (The Prize SDK™) to clients across the UK, Europe and Australia. Developed by its US parent company’s new marketing technology division – CataBoom.

The Prize SDK™ allows web, app and game developers to quickly integrate a prize draw or instant win game, as well as offering the chance to win up to £1 million with its online, social or mobile-based games or applications. Marketers can maximise campaign ROI by giving potential customers a specific  ‘call-to-action’ to respond to; whether it is to download an app, share a video, play a game for longer, register on a site, follow the brand on Twitter. The Prize SDK™ is the simple, new marketing technology that can help to achieve the response and return required.

By offering enticing cash and prizes such as £100,000 or a new car via The Prize SDK™, developers will be able to broaden the campaign’s reach and influence desired customer behaviour. Promotional risk protection is incorporated into The Prize SDK™ with developers paying a predetermined fee to cover the valuable prizes for a small fraction of the prize value. PIMS-SCA can incorporate various prize levels into a campaign which can be tailored to requirements, maximising customer engagement and giving customers more chances to win.

PIMS-SCA pays out the grand prize when there is a winner, meaning there are more chances for the consumer to win and for the company maximize customer engagement, with various levels of prizes  incorporated into a campaign and tailored to requirements.

PIMS-SCA Director Matt Butcher has said “With an increasing number of mobile apps and games flooding the marketplace, it is becoming difficult to stand out and marketers are continuously seeking ways to influence online, social and mobile behaviour. The Prize SDK™ can be easily incorporated by a client’s own developers for a fully integrated marketing campaign.”

The PIMS-SCA patented DrawServer random number generator technology, has been incorporated into The Prize SDK™ solution to extend its abilities to all of the major web and mobile software platforms securely. The Prize SDK™ will streamline promotional incentives and will be able to launch within online, mobile and social outlets. It will contain a standard API as well as sample code for iOS, Android, or PHP platforms. It also allows access to reporting and campaign management tools, as well as documentation on all the supported development languages.

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