SGC Blog – Expert Panel – Global Player Values!

alfonsochriswrightAnother expert panel hosted by IGB’s Micheal Caselli, panelists Alfonso Villar CEO of PlaySpace, Christ Wirght, Founder of GameAnalytics and Diego Millar Co-founder of Jampp shed insight into player lifetime values, acquisition costs and defining player performance metrics for social gambling products.

The panel gives insight into performance and analysis of player value in social gaming regions of North America, Europe, Asia and South America. Additionally it gives insights into predicting performance and value on player social gaming channels.

SBC Session Notes

  • Diego Millar leaders in the market are driving up the cost per install – CPI. This is making it harder for new entrants to establish and define their return on investment. Market is also beginning to see spoiler tactics being seen in terms of  marketing operations carried out by market leaders who are trying to gain ‘ground control’  over the most lucrative markets.
  • Alfonso Villar of PlaySpace questions the rational of targeting already saturated markets, he views that the biggest scope for new industry players and operators will be in culturally focused social gaming verticals for the South American ( strong focus on the Brazilian market) and Asia markets. These are markets with best growth and reward possibilities for new operators.
  • Chris Wright is asked whether a company can spend its way to success? Wright answers that they theoretically can achieve its goal by doing so, however companies need to focus more on setting appropriate mechanisms for valuing their traffic and users. Mechanizing your products scalability and its retention methods are key to success, over any marketing spend.
  • Alfonso Villar of PlaySpace – expects social gambling to explode once developing markets such as South America, engage in social gambling via mobile and tablet devices. He warns that this is much sooner than expected and that operators should be prepared.
  • Chris Wright – industry leaders need to start to focus on organic acquisition, continued mass spending cannot be the focus model for industry, new entrants need to look at value and trends away from the leaders in the pack, and develop inbound competencies
  • Alfonso Villar of PlaySpace – CPI in UK and European markets for Mobile social games has tripled, but he does not believe that they have stabilized for these markets, he further warns that these may well still increase.


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