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The lost art of odds compilation: Over-reliance on Asian Handicap lines

Pricing feeds have become de rigueur in an industry beset by increasing costs, but are they the best way forward for established sportsbooks desperate to retain market share? In a two part article, Jeevan Jeyaratnam of Super Soccer GPS takes a look at how the market has developed. In recent years the growth of online wagering and the, ever-extending, choice of whom to bet …

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The Marcus Rashford Phenomenom – applying analytics on the fly to the latest teenage sensations

SBC’s Football Odds Expert Jeevan Jeyaratnam, of odds compiling firm Super Soccer GPS, explains what happens when an unfamiliar name unexpectedly hits the team sheet. The promotion of Marcus Rashford into the starting XI for Manchester United’s must-win Europa League game with Danish champions Midtylland on February 25th 2016 was a landmark for the player, but created a wave of rapid …

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