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Winning Post: Retail Games… a crime or a mistake?

Regulus Partners dissects a new era for UK retail betting incumbents which has begun with a very predictable opening chapter as Betfred and Paddy Power face scrutiny for circumventing gaming machine laws… This week saw the implementation of GB’s B2 ban and the rollout of some operator mitigation plans. Betfred and Paddy Power launched OTC products which used Virtual betting …

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Winning Post – Collaboration & Segregation in Harm Prevention

Regulus Partners, the strategic consultancy focused on international gambling and related industries, takes a look at UK stakeholder dynamics on collaborations for tackling problem gambling and addiction.  _________________ Collaboration is a rather subjective word; used variously to describe the very best and the very worst of human endeavour. In business, being collaborative is generally held to be a positive attribute; …

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Risky business – why investors should beware grey market operators

Scott Longley, editorial director at Regulus Insights, analyses the concept of risk for dotcom operators and their investors. The 9% share price fall that prompted Playtech to issue a stock exchange statement late last week was only the most recent example of how listed gambling companies suffer more than most from the financial market phenomenon of risk on/risk off. This …

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