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Winning Post: US stats show all the signs of being over-stretched

Having reviewed the monthly revenue stats of US wagering’s current ‘big-3’ states New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Regulus Partners warns that bonus-inflated metrics are not an effective measure to gauge the total addressable market (TAM) of a disrupted US gambling marketplace… September marks a seasonal return of US sports as well as a Northern hemisphere seasonal uplift in igaming activity. …

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Martin Lycka: The importance of being liquid

Market-by-market, regulators face critical choices in how to govern the intricacies of managing product liquidity vital for all online gambling disciplines. Martin Lycka, Entain Plc’s Senior VP of North American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling examines how regulators should approach online gambling’s complex liquidity conundrum, maintaining a balance between effective market management and commercial appeal for consumers. ____________________ Liquidity is …

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Smarkets: Trump carries momentum as US 2020 markets tighten

Smarkets said that market dynamics are being radically reshaped as US 2020 odds narrow with just two months left of campaigning before US voters hit election polls on Tuesday 3 November. Tracking market developments, Smarkets detailed that its betting exchange is reflecting the majority of US 2020 polls, as challenger Joe Biden saw a comfortable double-digit lead narrow to just …

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