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Hesse Administrative Court seeks complete German betting overhaul

Following September’s announcement that the European Court of Justice (ECJ), had not reviewed the Hesse Ministry’s German sports betting regulations.  The Hessian Administrative Court has moved to completely overhaul the proposed national framework. Facing further delays and pressure from numerous political, sporting and business stakeholders, the court has moved to clear the framework’s review process, stating that its regulatory make-up of …

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Sven Ivo Brinck quits as CEO of mybet

The governance of European sports betting operator mybet SE Holdings, has accepted the resignation of CEO Sven Ivo Brinck. Brinck will depart from the operator at the end of the month and will be replaced by Zeno Ossko, current Director of Business Development and Commercials. Ivo Brinck had been appointed CEO of mybet in December 2013 replacing Mathias Dahms. As …

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EIG Berlin Notes – Reputational Matters

EIG Berlin Session Overview  Panel session which investigates the current reputation issues effecting igaming and sports betting operations. The Panel sheds insight on corporate affairs concerning reputation and the igaming industry’s relationship with governance authorities and bodies. Panel discusses what actions can be undertaken to improve sector reputation and image as markets look to legalise and legislate online gambling. Can …

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