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Caesars Entertainment defaults on $225 million bond interest payments.

Embattled casino and leisure operator Caesars Entertainment has failed to pay its $225 million bond interest, which was due on 15 December. Caesars Entertainment had confirmed that the operator would not pay the interest, thus triggering a default on its + $18 billion debt. The operator elected not to pay, due to ongoing discussions with first line bondholders and creditors. …

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Caesars Entertainment in danger of bankruptcy

Casino and leisure operator Caesars Entertainment has entered talks with creditors to create a financial restructuring plan in order to ease its debt burdens which exceed $24 billion (£15.4 billion). In its last quarter financial earnings report the casino operator recorded net losses of $900 million (£570 million), even though it had managed to grow revenues 6% to $2.21 billion. …

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