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Irish Minister outlines scope of ‘extremely powerful’ regulator

James Browne, the Republic of Ireland’s Minister of State for Justice, has outlined the scope of an ‘extremely powerful’ gambling regulator in the country, but a Labour Senator has called for earlier action. Reported by The Irish Times, Browne detailed that ‘comprehensive legislation’ will support the creation and operations of an ‘extremely powerful’ regulator – which will be launched by …

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Irish Senators debate responsibilities and launch date of gambling regulator

The topic of problem gambling has taken centre stage in the Irish Oireachtas, as Senators debated the introduction of Ireland’s independent gambling regulator set for 2023. Under the terms of the ‘Interim Gaming and Lotteries Act’, passed in December 2020, the government will conduct a large overhaul of Irish gambling regulations in 2021, with the aim of modernising existing legislation …

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Ireland’s McGrath expands calls for betting reform to National Lottery

Michael McGrath, the Public Expenditure Minister for the Republic of Ireland, has called for a ban on private bookmakers taking bets on the numbers of the country’s National Lottery. According to the Irish Independent, McGrath is concerned that the National Lottery and Euromillions are undermined by bookmakers who offer similar products under their own brand names – a practice he …

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