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Ilya Machavariani, Dentons – CIS regional dynamics will come to play prior to gambling take-off

Market developments in the CIS region have shot to the forefront of the industry’s agenda, as an intense July saw Ukraine approve its Gambling Law mandate, the Russian Duma announce an overhaul of sports betting laws and taxes, whilst Uzbekistan forms a counsel for the development of a national lottery.   At the coalface of rapid developments,  Ilya Machavariani, Head …

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Duma approves overhaul of Russian sports betting laws 

Ongoing Russian developments have seen the state Duma accept the second and third readings of Bill 647044-7, significantly modifying Russia’s existing sports betting laws.   Originally presented to the Duma on 30 April, Bill 647044-7 has amended ‘federal regulations on activities for the regulation and conduct of gambling’. Within its mandate, the bill will allow the Kremlin to implement ‘limits on …

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Ukraine Gambling Law demands tough scrutiny on operator origins

International law firm Dentons CIS office has published a further breakdown of all provisions attached to the second reading of the Ukraine Gambling Law. Approved last week by the Verkhovna Rada, the Gambling Law mandate will form the basis for Ukraine adopting a legislative framework regulating gambling services, following 11-years of market prohibition. Upon approval, Dentons CIS stated that if uninterrupted …

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