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Paf cuts maximum yearly loss limits by €5,000

Åland Islands-based gaming operator Paf has confirmed that it will reduce its maximum yearly loss limit by €5,000, in a bid to prioritise responsible gambling measures. In 2018, Paf became one of the first operators to introduce a maximum limit for the amount a customer can lose in a year. Paf has since confirmed that its initial maximum limit of …

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Christer Fahlstedt – Paf on course to eliminate all big player losses by 2020

Detailing an ‘industry first’, Åland Island (Finland) based betting group Paf has moved to openly publish a detailed breakdown of its customers’ annual wins and losses as part of its corporate social responsibility mandate. Updating the market, Chief Executive Christer Fahlstedt detailed that the initiative would bring stakeholder transparency to Paf’s player wagering limits and further sustainability directives. “We are probably …

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Responsibility First… Paf appoints Daniela Johansson as Deputy leader

Åland Island-based gambling operator Paf has confirmed the appointment of Daniela Johansson to the position of Deputy Chief Executive. Focusing on corporate development and social responsibility, Paf governance promotes the fifteen-year company veteran Johansson to the position of deputy leader, supporting Group Chief Executive Christer Fahlstedt. Johansson has most recently served as Paf Chief Responsibility Officer (CRO: 2014-2017), leading the …

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