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Howard League inquiry calls for CJS to overhaul its approach to problem gambling crimes 

The Howard League has called for an overhaul in how the UK’s Criminal Justice System (CJS) addresses ‘crimes linked to problem gambling’. The headline remark was made by the League’s ‘Commission on Crime and Problem Gambling’ – a research unit led by Lord Goldsmith QC, that has examined links between problem gambling and crimes committed during the past two-years.  Publishing …

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GamCare named Howard League’s ‘organisation of the year’

The Howard League, a penal reform organisation, has named GamCare as its ‘organisation of the year’ after acknowledging the charity’s work in helping authorities to recognise problem gambling as a mental disorder that can drive its victims towards crime.  Hosting its annual ‘Community Awards’, the Howard League recognised the UK’s most effective charities and social projects which tackle the complexities …

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GamCare launches chatroom for individuals of the Criminal Justice System

GamCare has expanded its dedicated chatroom series to help those in contact with the Criminal Justice System (CJS) maintain problem gambling support and seek advice from its dedicated specialist teams. The problem gambling treatment and support charity currently runs a weekly timetable of hour-long online chatroom sessions, where users can openly discuss or live text issues related to problem gambling. …

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