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Betfair – Labour faces gruelling battle for its ‘safe seats’

Next week marks a crucial chapter for the Labour Party leadership of Jeremy Corbyn as both Stoke-on-Trent Central (Staffordshire) and Copeland (Cumbria) constituencies head to the by-election polls (Thursday 23 February). A divided party following the departure of senior cabinet members, Labour battles to keep two of its supposed ‘safe seats’. Should labour lose the constituencies of Stoke and Copeland …

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William Hill slashes odds on Corbyn 2017 Labour leadership exit

In a week, in which Britain has veered ever closer towards a ‘hard Brexit’, as the bill triggering Article 50 cleared the UK House of Commons, it appears that Jeremy Corbyn is at his lowest point as Labour Party Leader. A disastrous week has seen Labour Shadow Business Secretary Clive Lewis, once a key backer of Corbyn resign from his …

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