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Winning Post – Germany’s fudged regulation signals a potential ‘untergang’

Germany’s Bundesrat has finally agreed on the make-up of its inter-state mandate moving to revamp its federal gambling framework by 2021. However, featuring an overly complex licensing procedure and muddled policies, strategic consultancy Regulus Partners finds little to cheer on ‘German progress’… __________ Germany has done what it was expected to with regard to online gambling policy, possibly for the first time …

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Bundesrat moves forward on complex German licensing framework

Germany’s sixteen federal states have approved the mandate of the ‘third amended Interstate Treaty on Gambling’, paving the way for a new national licensing regime to be implemented. Agreeing on Bundesrat (Federal Council) directives, the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein will be allowed to continue it’s operating its state-sanctioned online gambling regulatory regime allowing a number of licensed incumbents to continue …

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