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Canada’s sports betting hearings threatened by Trudeau’s ’emergency recess’ 

Further frustrations appear on the legislative horizon for the Canadian sports betting marketplace, after the Liberal Party government prorogued Parliament until 23 September.  The decision to recess Parliament and Commons presents a blow to the progress of Bill C-221, Canadian betting’s third attempt to implement a federal framework for ‘single sports wagering’. Authored by long-term sports betting advocate Brian Masse, …

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Domino effect… CGA wants Canada to pop next for sports betting

Canada’s pro sports betting lobby has been reinvigorated by this week’s US Supreme Court repeal of PASPA federal laws. Following Monday’s SCOTUS judgement, the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) issued a fast response welcoming PASPA’s repeal, which will open the US to state-sanctioned sports betting. CGA governance will now push Canada’s governing Liberal Party, to review the nations gambling code following …

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