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ASA monitoring sweep marks gambling as the worst underage advertising offender

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has this morning published the findings of its ‘online monitoring sweep’ identifying age-restricted adverts that have been published within children’s digital media.  This story featured in today’s SBC News 90. To view the latest round-up, watch today’s edition here. ASA’s ‘monitoring sweep’ forms part of a year-long project in which the advertising authority seeks to …

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Predrag Popovic, Fincore: ‘Security is a moving target leadership can’t sleep on’

Industry technology figurehead Predrag Popovic has detailed to SBC that betting leadership needs to sharpen its skillset and understanding of security breaches and cyber-attacks as it enters a new decade of complexities. Recognised as the patron developer of the modern-day betting system, Popovic is the Co-Founder of Fincore – the first technology group to develop digital risk management and wagering …

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