Coingaming Group eyes further growth with leadership reshuffle

Coingaming Group has ‘ushered in a new chapter’ after confirming the appointment of a new CEO and COO in addition to an expansion of the group.

Former COO Maarja Pärt will assume the role of CEO. As part of the role, Part will place an increased focus on the, and brands.

Commenting on the new role, Pärt said: “Today marks a new chapter at Coingaming and it’s a chapter that in comparison to our beginnings, looks incredibly different.

“We now have more pioneering projects, partnerships and possibilities than ever before but still, our core mission to disrupt and innovate remains unchanged.

“As I step up into the role, I’m determined to drive us to new heights, to ensure that we’ll always keep pushing boundaries and also retain our fun, fast and fair way of doing things.”

Anita Brinke has been named as the COO, having previously worked as the Head of VIP and Customer Support at Coingaming Group. The group praised her rapid growth through the business, and will be tasked with ‘overseeing the ascension and outreach of Coingaming’s operations’.

Brinke stated: “I’m thrilled to be able to take on such a position within the business. Working together with Tim, Maarja and the wider Coingaming Group there’s a sense that everything is possible and as I take on the COO role, I’ll endeavour to keep that spirit alive, ensuring that operationally we’ll also continue to go from strength to strength.”

Tim Heath, the Group’s co-founder and CEO, will expand his remit to grow the Group’s outreach through its venture capital arm, Yolo Investments which oversees a portfolio of 44 investments in early-stage, hard to find ventures in the fintech and gaming verticals.

Heath added: “This is one of the proudest moments of Coingaming for me. As we get to see how much the Group has grown, as part of our next growth chapter we will be actively focussing on building and expanding the investment arm to further bolster the Group’s global remit.

“We are very excited to extend our focus into banking and disruptive crypto opportunities, alongside our existing gaming and fintech assets; the future looks very exciting. One immediate benefit of these changes is that we’ll be able to work with our the and brands, spearheaded by our newly appointed CEO, as investments alongside the other 44 the Group has made to date.”

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