DraftKings debuts ‘Flash Bet’ tool for Wimbledon 2019

Jordan Mendell – DraftKings

DraftKings’ has upped its ‘live betting and instant win’ capacities for sportsbook customers after launching its ‘Flash Bet’ tool.

The US bookmaker, which at present operates mobile and retail sportsbook services for the states of New Jersey and Mississippi, will make ‘Flash Bet’ wagering available for Wimbledon 2019 markets.

The new wagering tool allows DraftKings sportsbook customers to ‘place live, in-game wagers quickly between points in a given match’.

Boosting market engagement and product utilities, DraftKings customers will be able to view a timeline of their bet’s placed, whilst receiving ‘instant win payouts’ on winning wagers.

Jordan Mendell, DraftKings’ Senior Vice President of Product Research and Development, detailed the importance of the live betting tool as Drafkings seeks to ‘to satisfy a growing customer base in excess of 11 million and counting’.

“Live wagering is already widely popular today, but also represents a crucial part of the customer experience and engagement tomorrow,” said Mendell.

“Short of playing on the court themselves, we are wholly invested in bringing our customers as close as possible to Wimbledon this year, while also giving them a taste of the lightning-quick innovations to come.”

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