Spiffx – Punters desert Manchester City after early goal

Dele Alli, SpiffxIt might have been thought that Spiffx punters would be more willing to persevere with a winning team – unbeaten in the league and undoubtedly on a hot streak when it comes to scoring goals – but perhaps the lessons from last year’s upsets have truly sunk in.

Or maybe they were much more attuned to the fact that Tottenham Hotspur, while not setting the Premier League alight this year, were also unbeaten going into their game with Pep Guardiola’s outfit last weekend, and have found a lively temporary replacement for Harry Kane up front.

While the England striker is on the side-lines with an ankle injury, it might be said the Son has also risen for Spurs – that’s Son Heung-min from South Korea who enjoyed an excellent match at White Hart Lane and set up one goal for Dele Alli. Regardless, the punters were more than willing to entertain the possibility of a Spurs upset, with Spiffx’s data showing that 83% bet on the home team and only just over 5% going for Man City to continue their winning run.

However, some trends remain difficult to shift, and among them is the willingness of the punters to remain faithful to Manchester United. Having endured a tough start to the season, it is true that Manchester United are repaying some of their faith by winning four of their league starts this season. However, again the team came somewhat unstuck at the weekend when up against bottom side Stoke City.

As we can see, over 95% of punters were with Jose Mourinho’s side on Sunday, and only 2.5% were on the eventual outcome of the draw. It goes to prove the old saw, that the draw is perennially underrated as a betting alternative by the punters.

We will in the coming weeks start looking at the percentages of punters who bet on the draw versus the actual number of draws in the Premier League.

This is the info for this week:

Tottenham vs Man City

  • Draw – 5.39%
  • Man City – 11.38%
  • Tottenham – 83.23%

 Of which:

  • In Play bets: 7.73%
  • Pre Play bets: 92.27%

(Note: the high amount of Pre-Play bets probably explains why Tottenham got so many bets)

Man United vs Stoke

  • Draw – 2.51%
  • Man United – 95.34%
  • Stoke – 2.15%

Of which:

  • In Play bets: 10%
  • Pre Play bets: 90%

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