ESL strikes with 24/7 esport channel on Twitch

counterstrikeThe world’s largest organised eSports body, the ESL, has launched the industry’s first 24/7 Counter Strike channel via popular streaming platform, Twitch.

It will be integrated fully into (ESL media directory), and will primarily offer coverage of the ESL ESEA Pro League’s weekly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The ambitious long term plan is to gradually introduce new channels which’ll cover multiple games with coverage in many different languages.

Editor in Chief at ESL, Joe Miller, had this to say: “We have thousands and thousands of hours of ESL Counter Strike content stored away that I’m eager to share. Games and competitions from ESL’s first years as a company right up to the present day ESL ESEA Pro League – so there is a lot to choose from!”

The 24/7 aspect is not as much of a burden as you may imagine too, thanks to a specialised cloud-based content management system. Kelly Kline, Content Manager at ESL, explained: “The system works in such a way that we can plan scheduling weeks in advance.”

“However, despite scheduling, we remain very flexible: we’re looking to implement a system in which the content we show is selected by the viewing audience,” she continued.

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