Bettson AB issues investors share split of SEK 549 million

betssonFollowing its Annual General Meeting (AGM), European sports betting operator Betsson AB has confirmed that it will pay-out SEK 549 million (£42 million) to company shareholders after implementing a share split.

Betsson governance outlined that it would target a share split dividend for its shareholders, whereby one Betsson share will be converted into four shares. The pay-out will include the allowance of one redemption (cash-out) share for investors who could earn a 3:1 final split.

Betsson will look to distribute a total of SEK 549 million to its shareholders by 16 June, the equivalent to SEK11.94 per share. Concluding the finalisation of its share split Betsson AB new investor share scheme will have the following structure :-

  • 16,260,000 Class A shares,
  • 121,861,587 Class B shares
  • 1,496,994 Class C shares,
  • 5,420,000 Class A redemption shares,
  • 40,620,529 Class B redemption shares
  • 498,998 Class C redemption shares

Governance further confirmed that the AGM had recorded the re-election of Pontus Lindwall, Patrick Svensk, Kicki Wallje-Lund and Lars Linder Aronson, and newly elect Martin Wattin and Jan Nord, as members of the company’s board. Pontus Lindwall remains as Executive Chairman of Betsson AB 


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