New Zealand Racing sets to tackle remote betting

New Zealand Racing Minister Nathan Guy

New Zealand Racing Minister Nathan Guy identified tackling remote betting by national consumers as his number one priority.

Addressing the New Zealand Racing Board’s annual meeting, Guy stated that his administration would look to tackle the growing numbers of offshore online betting operators targeting New Zealand’s consumers.

In order to curb remote betting, Guy and the Racing Board of New Zealand will work alongside numerous governmental bodies and special police task forces. Guy further commented that New Zealand Racing had received special consultation from Australian governing bodies on how to monitor and police remote betting operators.

Guy Stated  “I want to be clear: it is a problem, it is complex, but I believe we should be able to make changes, and I am committed to making the necessary changes. I’ve seen a variety of estimates for how much is bet overseas every year. The New Zealand Racing Board estimates that it could be up to $NZ300 million”

“Whether you agree with that specific estimate or not, the growth of digital devices and higher internet speeds makes it easier to gamble online, and the problem is likely to grow.

“That has been the experience overseas and there is no reason to doubt it would be any different here in New Zealand.”

Offshore bookmakers were now a prominent and growing feature on the gambling landscape, he said.

“It has significant implications for racing and sport in New Zealand. Betting is central to racing and sport. It helps build public interest, generates excitement and keeps patrons coming back.

“Betting through overseas providers deprives our local industry and sports of the funding they deserve.


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