Enetpulse thinking big with Euro 2016 microsites

 UefaeuropeanchampionshiptrophyAs firms gear up for this summer’s Euro 2016 tournament, Enetpulse has launched its new microsite solution specifically for the tournament. Business Development Manager Jesper Kamp explains the thinking behind it.

What is appealing about a microsite for Euro 2016?

What our clients will get is the holistic Euro 2016 experience for desktop and mobile users. The Enetpulse Euro 2016 microsite allows clients to present to their audience a complete livescore and statistics solution without any development work.

We create the micro sites based on several customisation options and host everything on our servers. Further to this, all sites are branded in the look and feel of the client, who is able to add his own content to the site as well, including banners, header, feeds, images, odds, and more. As with the 2014 World Cup, Enetpulse also offers video content from France 2016 through our partner sntv, which ensures a complete coverage of the tournament.

What key data and analysis do you want to present to betting consumers and potential clients through this microsite?

We wish to present the clients with straight facts from Euro 2016 spiced up with statistical content all football fans can engange in without it being too advanced. The dedicated statistics section on the site is also designed with betting consumers in mind. Performance and disciplinary stats on goals, corners, cards, fouls etc. we believe should allow punters to do research for their bets and encourage wagering across more markets.

How has your team built an engaging microsite for sports consumers who are accessing information and content through multiple sources and devices (desktop,mobile social media channels)?

Our Euro 2016 microsite is created in responsive design, so the clients get a solution, which auto-adjusts to any device it is displayed on. So in many ways it is several products in one. Further to this we allow clients to embed their social feeds and other custom content on the sites.

From an industry perspective, what data trend do you feel will dominate consumer engagement during Euro 2016?

Obviously, in sports coverage there is an increasing trend towards more granular data analysis and visualisation. With the Euro 2016 microsite we have tried taking the middle road with a product, which should satisfy users’ requirement for fast livescore updates and match stats and present itself well on many devices. And in several languages. This has resulted in a product which covers the basics, which you would expect from any Euro 2016 data provider, and presents more granular statistical analysis, which most users can relate to.

From a data and analysis perspective, what should bookmakers look to learn and gain from a major football tournament such as Euro 2016?

With plenty of betting activity ton major tournaments such as Euro 2016 it is important for bookmakers to be able to provide a neat front-end user experience for their customers. Enetpulse can offer just that with our microsite solution. Bookmakers could also focus on using the data set from providers like us to create further markets to bet on, be a little creative – especially at high-profile tournaments.

Finally, and most importantly, can you tell us who Enetpulse thinks will win Euro 2016?

Well, this will have to be a democratic answer, so I asked around the office. The majority here believe France will win it on home turf.

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