Neil McArthur

UKGC begins recruitment for advisors by forming ‘lived experience advisory’ unit

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has alerted its network of partners that it seeks to recruit ‘12 lived experience advisors’, helping its research unit gain a deeper understanding of the social intricacies of gambling addiction.   

The roles have been promoted on the UKGC’s job board, with the advisors forming a critical component of the Commission’s ongoing ‘Lived Experience Advisory Group (LEAG). 

A key directive for 2020 spearheaded by CEO Neil McArthur, the UKGC formed its LEAG group this summer to broaden its advice, evidence and recommendations on forming effective policies, standards and safeguards on gambling protections and minimising risks and harms. 

“The Gambling Commission considers a wide range of evidence to inform decisions to make gambling safer for consumers. An essential part of this evidence is input directly from people with lived experience of gambling harms,” The UKGC detailed on its job form.

“The Gambling Commission is now recruiting for a new LEAG team. There are up to 12 Lived Experience Advisor roles available – this includes the role of chair.”

The participating members will contribute to ongoing ‘experts by experience’ research projects formed by the Commission, as well as taking part in working groups on safer gambling standards. 

The Commission states that it will only accept candidates that have experienced gambling-related harms either as a former gambler or victim of gambling abuses – with all candidates committed to preventing gambling harms and improving the UK’s gambling policies.

Seeking to represent the widest cross-section of UK society, the Commission encourages applications from women, young people (over 18) and applicants from BAME communities.

The Commission has begun taking applications for its LEAG roles. 

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