Sanchez catches a break as Spanish gambling awaits its final judgement

Spain has broken its 10-month political deadlock after acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez secured a narrow vote of confidence, allowing the embattled PSOE party to form a ‘socialist coalition’ with minority partner Podemos.

Hosting Spain’s second parliamentary vote in four days, yesterday Sanchez squeaked the minimum 167 votes (165 against) needed to form a new government, as Basque MPs joined Catalan pro-independence party Esquerra in abstaining from voting.

Industry stakeholders await for the official publication of PSOE and Podemos’ ‘coalition programme which will outline ‘urgent measures’ added to Spanish gambling’s regulatory framework.

Having reviewed the PSOE-Podemos joint mandate, last week El Pais reported that the Spanish coalition would implement ‘concrete directives’ to comprehensively monitor gambling engagement across land-based and digital verticals.

Forming its new government, PSOE-Podemos will sign-off on Spain’s delayed royal decree on advertising, which will introduce gambling specific measures bringing gambling marketing regulations in line with those imposed on the tobacco industry.

In addition, PSOE-Podemos will move to restructure regulatory oversight of Spanish gambling, which will be transferred from Spain’s Treasury to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs acting as lead industry supervisor.

Yesterday, PSOE confirmed the inbound appointment of Podemos Deputy Alberto Garzon Espinosa as Minister of Consumer Affairs who has been provided with an ‘expanded mandate’ to oversee gambling’s regulatory overhaul.

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