Bet on Numbers

Golden Race kicks off #boscon2017 with Bet on Numbers launch

Golden Race has launched Bet on Numbers, bringing the real and digital worlds together in a virtual scenario where you pick lucky numbers from 1-49.

The virtual sports supplier, a Gold sponsor at this week’s Betting on Sports conference (#boscon2017), has expressed its excitement for the launch of a game which includes state-of-the-art features and a beautiful human hostess to broadcast the numbers live.

Bet on Numbers, available in HD for Windows, Android and Linux, asks players to choose either a random or manual selection of one to four numbers using a 7 x 7 grid. The quest for a Jackpot or Mega Jackpot lasts for a duration of six minutes.

Golden Race CEO Martin Wachter commented: “At Golden Race, we are building a portfolio of games to excite and delight players whilst meeting the highest industry standards. The latest release for our HD division is Bet on Numbers, a live number based game never seen before!”

Representatives of Golden Race, including Wachter, will be at the ‘Golden Race Bar’ for networking drinks ahead of the official Betting on Sports party on Wednesday 13 September.

The company will be using the event to outline an ‘authentic sports betting experience’ that customers can completely control, manage and deliver to players across retail, online and mobile channels.

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