Paddy Power – Corbyn hits lowest price for General Election victory

Updating the media, Paddy Power Politics has informed that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn appears to have turned the tide on PM Theresa May as ‘Jezza and Labour are proving to be a hit with punters’.

Entering the last eight days of campaigning, Paddy Power, which holds a 4/5 performance rating on Bookmaker Ratings, has shortened Corbyn’s odds on becoming the next UK Prime Minister to 9/2, the shortest since the Snap Election was called on 18 April.

The bookmaker informs that it has recorded a ‘continuous flow of money’ on Labour, who started this UK General Election campaign being given the longest opposition odds in UK political history of 18/1.

Issuing a statement Paddy Power Politics commented on the market“Corbyn might have made another gaff on Labour’s manifesto costings yesterday but that hasn’t deterred punters, who continue to back Labour in the major markets. Despite the election looking like a one horse race a couple of weeks ago, there’s no doubt it’s getting more and more interesting as June 8th approaches.”

Prime Minister after Next General Election

  • 1/8         Theresa May
  • 9/2         Jeremy Corbyn
  • 300/1     Tim Farron

 Overall Majority

  • 1/6         Conservative majority
  • 9/2         No overall majority
  • 14/1       Labour majority
  • 500/1     Liberal Democrat majority
  • 1000/1  UKIP majority
  • 1000/1  Green majority

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