Fabio Schiavolin – Future Sports Betting: Industry still learning and must not shy away from innovation…

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-13-18-30Speaking at BOS, Fabio Schiavolin the CEO of Italian gambling operator SNAI stated that amid industry mass industry consolidation, stakeholders and leadership should not shy away from ‘innovation’.

Schiavolin is currently heading up the merger integration of SNAI with Italian gambling technology firm Cogemat (€150 million deal announced May 2015). The CEO stated that he viewed the merger as a challenge of merging an ‘Italian legacy’ operator (SNAI) with an ‘innovative’ enterprise (Cogemat).

SNAI leader stated his firm had undertaken a period of learning following a successful Euro 2016, in which the company had undertaken new multi-channel marketing and player acquisition initiatives with a view of optimising player engagement.

Schiavolin would comment on the activity and learnings:

“The world of sports betting must embrace the opportunities being offered by the social media, a fast changing, sometimes unpredictable reality that can nonetheless boost the evolution process of the betting industry. SNAI experienced this process first hand with its successful #TwittEuro16 campaign. Launched during the EURO 2016 Football Tournament, it involved predictions over the final results of the games made by notorious figures ranging from journalists, entertainers and sports personalities.”

“The initiative was an overwhelming success, resulting in a large amount of feedback and interaction by the followers. It became a social phenomenon and it was recognized as one of the most successful campaigns of the summer, not far in popularity terms from other campaigns put forward by some of the biggest brands sponsoring the EURO 2016 event.”

As SNAI merges its operations with Cogemat, Schiavolin is confident that his company will meet its goal of  becoming an ‘all-round’ leader.

“The synergy with the world of social media can only expedite what SNAI Group considers one of its main strategies. This strategy can be described by the pay-off “from bookmaker to playmaker”. What this means is that a bookie working in our time should strive to involve his or her clients in social media interactions instead of focusing solely on odds and bonuses. The bookmaker becomes the “playmaker”. As the C.E.O. of a historic brand, I can safely say that this is our mission.”

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