Federal Appeal Court says No to New Jersey sports betting

US pro sports betting advocates heard the expected news that a federal appeals panel had upheld the ban of sports betting in New Jersey.

The Third Court of Appeals in Philadelphia denied New Jersey’s appeal by a majority decision of 2-1, denying New Jersey the right to bypass the 1992 Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

The New Jersey appeals process, which had dragged on for almost a year, has dealt another blow to the progress of sports betting in the USA, as Third Court Judges Maryanne Trump Barry and Marjorie Rendell voted in favour of US Pro Leagues member’s stance against legalised sports betting.

US Pro League representatives of the NHL, MLB and NFL issued statements supporting the decision taken by the Third Court, stating that the Judges had upheld the integrity of sports in the USA.

On hearing the denial of the appeal, New Jersey Democrat Senator Ray Lesniak stated that state representatives would continue to fight against PASPA rulings and its powerful lobby.

Speaking to US news sources Lesniak commented “The N.F.L. will play three games in London at Wembley Stadium, where fans can sit in their seats and bet games. They want to have their gambling through fantasy sports and the want to control and run it.”

Geoff Freeman President of the American Gaming Association, backed Lesniak comments stating in an email that the court ruling required closer scrutiny. “With Americans betting at least $140 billion on sports illegally each year, it’s clear that current law is not achieving its intended result,”

The majority ruling leaves New Jersey the option of appealing the matter to a full court. Lesniak and pro betting advocates have stated that they will review and discuss whether to proceed with the option.