GAA urges Irish government to ban underage Gaelic Games wagering

gaelicThe Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) has pleaded for further amendments to Ireland’s 2013 Gambling Control Bill, with a view to prohibit wagering on underage/minor games (under 18)


The governing body of Gaelic Games (hurling and Gaelic football) has requested for the banning of wagers at inter-county level, citing the future integrity of the sports and youth development matters.

Following a review undertaken by the GAA’s Community and Health Department, the body presented its proposed amendments to the Irish government and gambling authorities.

The GAA’s rationale for the proposal is based upon the fact that under-18s are themselves prevented from gambling and so it was felt that others shouldn’t be able to bet on events involving those under the age.

Speaking to Irish news sources GAA Communications Manager Alan Milton said

“The GAA has made the proposal to the Government to alter the Gambling Control Bill. Submissions were sought and this was a suggestion from the community and health department, led by Colin Regan.

“If it becomes law, then it would only be enforceable in the 26 counties but we would see it as encompassing any GAA activities.”

In April the Irish government approved the passing of the nation’s Gambling Act 2015, allowing for the introduction of regulated and licensed online gambling

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