Camelot enhances jackpot chances from October


National Lottery operator Camelot today announced that exciting changes are being made to its Lotto game in October. The enhancements will create more millionaires than ever before; will introduce a new Millionaire Raffle; will offer bigger rolling jackpots; will give players a free go for matching two numbers; and mean that the chances of winning at least £1 million will be better than the chances of winning the jackpot on today’s game. The enhancements will change the way the game works by adding additional numbers for players to choose from – from six from 49 to six from 59.

The changes follow Lotto’s successful re-launch in 2013 and are part of Camelot’s ongoing commitment to offer players continuously fresh, exciting and enticing prizes across all National Lottery games. This, in turn, will deliver more money for Good Causes, through a thriving and healthy National Lottery.

The key highlights include:

  • A new ‘Millionaire Raffle’ which will guarantee at least two millionaires each week – one on a Wednesday and one on a Saturday – in addition to 20 winners of £20,000 in every draw.
  • Bigger rolling jackpots – from October onwards, average winning jackpots are expected to be triple the level of winning jackpots on the current game.
  • ·Better odds of becoming a millionaire  in an average week, the chances of winning at least £1 million on the new game will be better than winning the jackpot on the current Lotto game – with odds at one in just under 10 million*, versus one in just under 14 million on today’s game.
  • Six balls will now be drawn from a total of 59 – the way the game works will be changing and, from October, players will choose 6 numbers from 59 instead of the 49 today
  • Matching two numbers will win a free go. Players matching two numbers will get a Lucky Dip  ticket for a future draw – giving them another chance to be a millionaire
  • An extra 1.8 million winners a week will be created through the new Match 2 prizes. This new prize tier means that the overall chance of winning any prize increases from 1 in 54 on the current game to 1 in 9.3 come October. A link to the full table of the game’s new odds and prize structure can be found here:

Andy Duncan, Chief Executive of Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, said: “Lotto has enjoyed two years of consecutive growth since we re-invigorated the game in 2013 – and has already delivered over £250 million more to Good Causes than if we had done nothing to change the game. What we’re announcing today – offering players more chances than ever to become a millionaire on Lotto and bigger rolling jackpots – is part of our programme of continuous innovation and builds on Lotto’s ongong success. New ideas and fresh, enticing prizes will keep the game healthy and thriving – ultimately delivering even more for players and Good Causes.”


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