Helen Grant MP – No timetable set for Betting Right

Helen Grant

Asked about the agenda for the introduction of the UK Betting Right, minister for sport Helen Grant answered that “no timetable has been set for introducing the legislation”.

Grant answered the question put forward by York Central MP Hugh Bayley, who wanted to know further information regarding the Betting Rights agenda and its potential benefits to York Racecourse.

Grant issued the following reply

“No timetable has been set for introducing legislation to bring in a new Horserace Betting Right. Draft legislation will be developed following a thorough economic analysis and discussions with the Competition and Markets Authority, HMRC and others.

The Horserace Betting Right will apply to all bookmakers, wherever located, who take bets from British customers on British racing and provides a modern and sustainable future for the funding of racing. (View source content).

The UK government had met industry criticism for its lack of detail regarding the legislations potential framework. It is believed by industry insiders that any agenda on the Betting Right will be delayed till the conclusion of Next May’s General Election.

Detractors of the Betting Right have been quick to call the betting legislation as unworkable for UK racing and its authorities. However the right has gained firm support from numerous MP’s and the British Horse Racing Authority (BHA) who stated it was much needed to fund horse racing and its impact to the UK economy.

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