BHA adopts zero tolerance to equine doping

BHA – Nick Rust

The British Horse Racing Authority (BHA) has published new anti-doping rules, which include a zero tolerance to anabolic steroids. Under the new rules that will come into effect next Monday (2 March), no competitive horse should ever be administered an anabolic steroid.

The new rules guide has been distributed to domestic and international trainers and stables, as is available to download at the BHA Website.

The BHA announced that it had been reviewing its anti-doping policy since 2013. The racing body stated that it wanted to be at the forefront of tackling doping in racing, which it views as a major threat to the sports integrity.

All race horses whether bred and trained in the UK or internationally will be subject doping tests, in order to take part in UK race meets. The new rules guideline has further allowed greater access to the BHA for testing on registered UK race horses.

Nick Rust, Chief Executive of the BHA, said:

“The publication of the new Rules marks another step on the journey for both British Racing and the Racing community internationally, which has included the BHA undertaking a lengthy and ongoing consultation and engagement with racing bodies around the world.

“By ‘zero-tolerance’ we mean that no horse should ever be administered an anabolic steroid or similar substance for as long as it is involved in racing, with no exceptions. This policy is supported by the enhanced powers which we can now call upon both to regulate the sport and to deter those who believe they can succeed in circumventing the Rules.

“The BHA will continue this role and ensure that British and international Racing does all within its power to remain at the forefront of combating doping. We hope that the steps we have taken will lead other nations to follow suit and implement Rules that are as stringent as ours, for the good of the sport and the horse.

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