Snack Media targets digital engagement with new joint venture

Snack Media has targeted digital fan engagement with Snack Gaming, a joint venture between its Co-Founder Rupert Pratt and Jon Trigg, founder of Fantasy sports specialist Silent Manager.

The new business will use the Snack Media network of over 20 million unique users to advise on the behaviour of online sports fans.

Targeting sponsors, betting companies, rights holders and media owners, Snack Gaming will use the network, combined with its data platforms and social media expertise, to acquire, engage and monetize digital fan engagement for its clients.

This will include the development and licensing of existing digital platforms such as fantasy sports leagues, predictor games and quizzes, as well as other new products for the market.

Jon Trigg commented: “Across our team we have developed 1,000’s of platforms and enterprise builds in multiple languages, capable of managing over 150 million transactions. We have advised sponsors, media owners and rights holders globally and generated tens of millions of euros in commercial income. We assist clients to acquire, engage and monetize fans and the rights we create.”

Niall Coen, Snack Media CEO and Co-Founder, added: “Snack Media have 10 years’ experience in creating, distributing and monetizing fan content, so setting up a business specifically aimed at monetizing these tools for publishers and rightsholders is a very natural progression for the Snack Media business. Our strategy across this business will be helping to create new tools, new rights and new revenues for our partners.”

Rupert Pratt concluded: “With digital advertising spend and fan engagement overtaking traditional, the question to ask yourself is what proportion of my sports marketing inventory is digital?

“Also, do I have the right tools in place to engage and acquire fans, secure sponsors and advertisers? Snack Gaming has been formed to address that balance for sponsors, betting companies, rights holders, publishers and broadcasters alike.”

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