Dugout launches aiming to turn football clubs into social media influencers

New digital sports platform Dugout (Dugout.com) launches its services aiming to revolutionise social media engagement and the content output of European football clubs.

Announcing Dugout’s launch, Founder and President Elliot Richardson has amassed an impressive cast of 27 partner football club’s for its platform including FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and AC Milan.

The Dugout platform will also feature exclusive content from ten Premier League football clubs including Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool FC.

Leveraging off the worldwide following of its partners, Dugout aims to turn the football clubs into social media and brand influencers. The ambitious start-up will aim to make its revenues through a 50-50 advertising partnership with its partner clubs.

Each club will have a dedicated profile on Dugout in which they will be given the freedom to upload unique content, be it news, video clips or media updates.

Speaking to media news sources Founder Elliot Richardson detailed that Dugout was designed to bring football clubs and sports personalities in-line with modern sport consumer/viewer habits.

Kate Burns the former General Manager of Buzzfeed Europe, who has joined Dugout as European Vice President commented to UK media news source The Drum that the company had already secured advertising partnerships ahead of its launch.

“Dugout has been built to engage and attract millennials from across the globe and we know this is a critical audience for our advertisers to reach – it’s a great match. Dugout has already secured a number of media partners, including Allianz and Coca-Cola as part of a Mediacom partnership, and BetVictor, with more to follow. “

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