Paddy Power and urine luck campaign

Paddy Power has launched its latest controversial campaign offering gamblers their money back if a Russian beats a British or Irish competitor at the upcoming Olympic Games.

Ken Robertson, Paddy Power
Ken Robertson, Paddy Power Betfair

It uses the tagline ‘Urine Luck’ alluding to Russia’s doping scandal which hit the press recently.

The International Olympic Committee has refused to ban Russia outright from Rio, and has instead allowed the international federations to decide who is eligible and who isn’t. The full campaign line reads: “Urine luck. Money back as a free bet if a Team GB or Ireland athlete finishes second to a Russian.”

Paddy Power, which has promoted the campaign in numerous British and Irish papers, has stated that it is incentive for fans considering betting on British or Irish athletes but “worried” about “Russian dopes”. Never one to miss out on a ‘cheeky’ marketing opportunity Paddy Power has hit the headlines for its headlines many times in the past, one of the most notorious of which was its ‘Oscar Time’ Oscar Pistorious campaign.

Ken Robertson, Advertising Director at Paddy Power Betfair said: “When we heard about the IOC’s decision we were Russian around to see how we could help our punters, and money back as a free bet if a Team GB or Ireland athlete finishes finish to a Russian seemed like a dope idea.

“We’re very happy with the ad, and if anything it’s our creative team that have been taking performance-enhancing substances.”

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