Danish operators reminded of their money laundering Act duties

Spillemyndigheden, Denmark’s gambling authority has reminded licensed incumbents of their duties to report suspicious AML activities to FIU – Denmark’s Money Laundering Secretariat.

The warning comes as FIU updates its ‘list of AML indicators’ that must be reported on by Danish licensed-or-registered businesses working within high-risk compliance sectors such as banking, trading, insurance and gambling.

The compliance duties of Denmark’s reformed 2018 Gambling Act, require all licensed operators to report suspicious AML transactions and infringements to FIU – helping Denmark safeguard its financial networks maintained under the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

FIU serves as the Danish government’s public prosecutor for economic crimes within domestic and international courts 

“The enterprises or persons subject to a reporting duty must send a report if they cannot dismiss a suspecion of money laundering or financing of terrorism.” – Spillemyndigheden stated read.

In a further notice issued this September, Spillemyndigheden warned licence holders of their obligations to ensure that employees are aware of the ‘anonymous whistle-blower scheme’ made available to report AML infringements.

Operated independently, the whistle-blower scheme must be maintained by high-risk businesses as a duty observing the rules of Denmark’s Anti-Money Laundering Act.

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