Marco Sala – Sustainability is best way forward for IGT Group

Marco Sala Group Chief Executive of International Game Technology Plc (IGT Group) has pledged that his company will continue to push for industry social responsibility, sustainability and diverse citizenship as core corporate dynamics.

This week, the New York-listed enterprise published its eleventh ‘Annual Sustainability Report’.

The independently audited report details IGT’s ongoing corporate mandate to create long-term value for all stakeholders including employees, customers, communities, and suppliers.

The externally produced census, details to IGT governance and its wider stakeholders, corporate and social metrics/analysis beyond the firm’s day-to-day operational measurements.

“This year’s Sustainability Report represents our ongoing pledge to sustainably grow our industry and the communities we serve,” said Marco Sala, IGT CEO.

“In addition to enhancing our leading position in the market as a global innovator in the gaming business, IGT continues to strengthen its corporate citizenship.”

As part of the eleventh offering, IGT highlights six key principles:

  • Fostering responsible gaming – “The report describes how the company’s products, systems, and portals include player protection and security tools to safeguard player interests and address regulators’ concerns.”
  • Engaging IGT employees – “The company is developing a culture that adheres to the following values: Passionate, responsible, authentic, collaborative and pioneering. IGT understands that a more diverse and inclusive workforce will help drive innovation and enable the Company to continue to meet our customers’ evolving needs and goals.”
  • Enhancing IGT customers – “The report illustrates its approaches to supplying customers with resources and expertise to help them achieve their goals.”
  • Supporting wider communities – Enhancing its support of hundreds of educational, social, and cultural initiatives that enrich and strengthen its communities.
  • Developing ethical and sustainable supply chains – “The report describes how the Company mitigates the risk of exposure in its supply chain, and undertakes preventive actions to ensure human rights are protected within its supply chain now and in the future.”
  • Caring for the environment – “The report applies the latest Sustainability Reporting Standards issued by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which are the most widespread international standards used by organisations to report their sustainability impact and performance.”

IGT’s sustainability report is available online at

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