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Dmitry Starostenkov – EvenBet Gaming – Raising the bar in daily fantasy sports

Earlier this year EvenBet Gaming unveiled its new daily fantasy sports (DFS) product, with the feature packed turnkey solution designed to break new ground within the vertical.

Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO of EvenBet Gaming, has been speaking to SBC about what makes the online gaming software developers DFS product stand out from the crowd, developments that it has been going through and the sports and markets due to be targeted for entry. 

SBC: Why enter the daily fantasy sports marketplace?

DS: We’ve been involved in daily fantasy sports for several years, and recently set about developing a ground-breaking new daily fantasy sports product designed to breathe new life into the vertical.

The product launched in September and is a major upgrade on what was already on the market. We feel we have created a DFS delivery which guarantees deep user engagement, with its wide range of features – including the ability to manage fantasy teams during events, communicate with friends and other players via a social layer, and create customised matches based on real events.

In turn, this naturally leads to increased levels of client retention, and improved cross-collaterals across an operator’s existing products. We expect to launch our first customer on our new DFS product early next year, so watch this space.

SBC: Can DFS succeed in markets with a strong sports betting culture?

DS: Many have argued not, but our research and experience show there is huge potential for these two verticals to complement each other.

DFS solves one of sportsbooks biggest challenges: engaging with users on a deeper level. We don’t see DFS and sportsbook as rivals. In fact, aside from the revenue growth, we’ve found that the additional data and user management an integrated DFS solution provides can help sportsbook operators to better personalise their offering to players.

Operators can offer both products and will see noticeable boosts to engagement, retention and revenues as a result.

SBC: You’ve stated your DFS product “raises the bar in terms of user engagement” how is this achieved?

DS: EvenBet has found that offering players the chance to manage their fantasy team in real time during an event significantly swells the amount of time a player spends engaged with the product.

While giving players the option to create their own matches and communicate with opponents throughout the action also served to win user’s attention during game time. We provide a tailored sports and leagues solution, focusing around live games which obviously prove the most popular for user activity.

Trusted data providers deliver official results for all leagues, while all data sets are processed by our own gaming servers, which are primed for use in DFS events. Players can get involved in both free and real-money tournaments, which offer team formations, substitutes, captains, and vice-captains.

There are several types of prize distribution, with multi-entry and freeroll events, including bespoke user-created tournaments.

SBC: What markets will you be targeting for entry, and are there any other you see as emerging DFS Markets?

DS: While football remains the primary sport when it comes to DFS, we have found that our cricket offering is also quickly on the rise, especially in fast-growing markets such as Australia and India. India’s igaming sector is one to watch at the moment, and EvenBet’s platform can be tailored to meet its requirements.

As a stats-heavy sport, cricket has the potential to replicate the success of baseball DFS in the US. So, while stateside sports initially led the DFS charge, that’s certainly no longer the case. EvenBet will be focusing our efforts in these emerging territories, while also looking to better establish DFS in more mature gaming markets.

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