Tim Peters – Tempobet – Assessing the benefits of football sponsorship

Last week, Tempobet announced the expansion of its football sponsorship portfolio by agreeing a multi-million pound deal to showcase its brand on the LED advertising boards at seven Premier League football stadiums.

Tempobet will now feature prominently on the pitch side advertising boards at Arsenal, Brighton, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Huddersfield, Bournemouth, Swansea, and Watford.  The deal follows on from Tempobet’s agreement to become the shirt sponsor of Championship clubs Burton Albion and Preston North End.

SBC caught up with Tempobet CEO, Tim Peters to discuss the flourishing relationship between gambling operators and football clubs.

SBC – How beneficial is the football sponsorship portfolio of Tempobet when it comes to boosting its brand image?

Tim Peters – Football remains the biggest show in town and it’s hugely beneficial to a company like Tempobet. We’re active in other sports too, but football provides us with a great vehicle to raise our brand awareness in countries around the globe. English football, given its popularity and reach, is particularly important, hence our shirt sponsorships in the championships and extensive pitch-side advertising in the Premier league.

We know the Tempobet name will be viewed on millions of televisions, computer screens, and mobile phones across the world every week. There are few advertising opportunities that have such a fantastic reach.

SBC – When becoming a sponsor, how important is it to connect with the fans of the club?

TP – I think it’s very important. There’s certain a weariness among some fans about the corporate elements of professional sport and English football fans could be forgiven for being a bit jaded by the changing sponsorships of their favourite clubs. Let’s be honest, they aren’t short of betting brands to choose from.

They need to know that the companies their club has commercial dealings with are bona fide, legitimate, and in it for the long-term. I would say our sponsorships are very important for our global brand awareness, but I would never want to forget fans of individual clubs. After all, it may be our name, but it is their shirt.

SBC – When you agree a sponsorship deal with a club, how important is it, to approach the partnership with a strategy?

TP – You have to know what you’re getting into with each deal. I think you need to understand the club, their fanbase, and what everyone can do to cement the relationship. Having your name on a shirt or an advertising board is the start not the end. Sponsorship is one thing, but sponsorship activation is equally important.

SBC – Can being associated with football clubs help enhance the trust around your brand?

TP – I would like to think so. I think it shows commitment and longevity, but it also demonstrates that you have funds and are here to stay. I understand the scepticism around new betting brands and realise we don’t have the heritage of some of the established high-street brands. But hopefully our commitment to English football will give fans the confidence to commit to us. I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised by our prices too. We believe in value rather than gimmicky sign-up offers.

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