CJEU to give ruling on Gibraltar remote gambling status


The EU Court of Justice (CJEU), the principal law court of the European Union economic community will issue its ruling on whether Gibraltar a British overseas territory can be treated as a single party member with regards to its online gambling industry.

CJEU officials have this week have started their review of Gibraltar’s online gambling industry, following the UK’s 23 June EU Referendum leave outcome.

The UK High Court has asked the CJEU to rule on Gibraltar’s industry position as part of an ongoing tax dispute between industry body the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) and UK HMRC.

The CJEU has been specifically asked on whether Gibraltar has the right to a separate status from the UK within EU laws.

With regards to its betting/gambling sector the GBGA has requested that CJEU officials give clarity on whether industry services should continue to be treated as EU trade under the terms of the ‘Treaty of Functioning of the European Union’.